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Forget your pain

Forget Your Pain

Your weekly orders with your suppliers take up too much time! This time would be much better spent with your guests. But without having everything you need in stock, you wont be able to deliver the service you’re known for.

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Many suppliers have already registered! If one of your favorites is missing, you can easily add them or we can create the entry for you. You can just send us a picture of the delivery slip and we will add them free of charge.

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Don't Worry

Don't worry,

We guarantee that you will receive your deliveries with 100% certainty! Even if we have just added your supplier.

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Add your Suppliers

Add your Suppliers

Save Time

Save Time

The Challenge

The whole process costs you a lot of time and ruins your nerves, This means extra stress - and you really don't need that.



You go to the pantry and write all of the out-of-stock items on a notepad. Hopefully you don’t forget anything.


After that, you have to actually place the order. The problem: You don’t get all your products from the same supplier. Which supplier offers each product? Where was that phone number again? You often lack a clear overview of everything.


You dig up old delivery slips and copy the numbers or e-mail addresses. You finally place your order with your supplier via e-mail, fax, or telephone.


If a product is out of stock, your supplier will contact you — if you’re lucky. All too often you will only notice upon delivery. Your supplier might have a substitute product for you. But you might not even want to use that product for your guests.

The Solution

Your catering suppliers all in one easy-to-read location!
It doesn’t matter if you or an employee handle the orders — everyone can download and use the app.


Overview of all you suppliers

Get to know and test new suppliers

Multiple access for your employees

Chat with your suppliers

Repeat purchases with a click

We add your suppliers free of charge

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